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HYDERABAD: A Hyderabad-based pharmacist in the UK tried to poison his estranged wife’s family by dropping arsenic-laced spice packets at his in-laws’ kitchen. While his mother-in-law succumbed to the carcinogen, other family members fell ill and are battling its toxic effects. The accused pharmacist, M Ajith Kumar, 45, is on the run and police are planning to issue a lookout notice.
While the pharmacist flew back to the UK, his Hyderabad accomplices who were planning to inject another dose of poison were nabbed on Friday and arsenic injections seized.
The pharmacist’s murder mission was a fallout of his failed second marriage to a MBBS graduate, Sirisha, 40, in 2018. After an Arya Samaj wedding, Ajith and Sirisha began staying at Gokul Plots in Miyapur, but soon sparks flew after his wife alleged harassment.
Ajith went to the UK alone and later requested Sirisha to join him with a promise of treating her well.
Believing Ajith, Srisha flew to the UK with her daughter, but again faced physical and mental harassment. She lodged a police complaint against Ajith in UK and also sent a divorce notice to Ajith, said Miyapur inspector M Prem Kumar.
Sirisha’s brother, Purnender, is a US-based techie and the entire family gathered in Hyderabad at the pharmacist’s Gokul Plots residence in June to celebrate his marriage. And this is when, the pharmacist unfolded his murder plot. Relatives who came to the house suffered from diarrhoea, severe stomach ache, and vomiting. Sirisha’s mother Uma Maheshwari, 60, was rushed to hospital, where she died.
In July, Purnender, his wife Balasasireka, and his father Hanumantha Rao, again suffered from similar symptoms and underwent treatment. Few days ago, Sirisha and her daughter too fell ill and were diagnosed with arsenic poisoning by a Guntur doctor.
“Sirisha’s family members underwent diagnostic tests and arsenic levels in some of them were as high as 1,300. The normal reading should not be more than 30,” the police inspector said. The family suspected their relative, Poorna, who lives in the same apartment and their watchman’s son Ramesh. Based on Sirisha’s complaint, police kept vigil on the suspects and the murder plot was busted.
The accused spilled the beans during interrogation. They told police that Ajith left arsenic-laced spices at his in-law’s home in April. The family began using spices in food during June.

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